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Dog Training Philosophy & Approach

Owning a happy, well-balanced dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Our Approach & philosophy on Dog Training

We believe that the goal of every dog owner is to have a loving, well-behaved companion. However, some dogs develop unwanted behaviors that are frustrating and/or create unsafe situations.
In our experience a dog’s behavior is based on 5 factors:
  1. Genetics: the physical characteristics & temperament of your dog.

  2. Environment: Stimuli (noises, moving objects etc.) that your dog is exposed inside and outside your home.

  3. Socialization: How your dog is exposed and interacts with people, dogs, and other animals.

  4. Training: teaching your dog what is expected of him, and rewarding him accordingly.

  5. Owners: Yes, You! – Getting everyone in the dog’s life on the same page.

Using a positive approach, Canine Path’s ‘Open Toolbox’ method allows us to help you build a balanced and harmonious relationship with your dog. Whether you are experiencing training/behavioral challenges or desire to take your dog to “The Next Level” we can help!

 We teach owners how to:

  • Become the “Pack Guardian”.

  • Read your dog’s signals (body language, signs of anxiety etc.) and how to motivate him.

  • Use structured play and games to obtain desired behavior and have fun with your dog.

  • We teach dogs of all ages: Puppies, Adolescents & Adults

  • Good manners – what all good dogs should know.

  •  Proper leash and obedience skills (no pulling or lunging).

  •  How to handle ‘real world experiences’ (skateboards, loud noises,  meet and greet new people and dogs etc.)

As a Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) we fully embrace Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive Techniques (LIMA) approach to training.  Position Statement from APDT 

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